Boot Camp for Civilian Beards.

by Duffy Cavanaugh, CEO, O Duffy’s Beard Oils

“Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity.”

Maximus Decimus Meridius (who had a fine beard, at least in the Russell Crowe movie)

Maybe you’ve served your country, and now you’re enjoying the hard-won freedom to grow a beard. Former serviceman or not, you’re the kind of man’s man who appreciates good, clean grooming. But today’s army of trendy “lifestyle” products don’t necessarily have your style in mind. Your beard isn’t a fad; it’s a civilized statement of who you are today.

All you need is a no-nonsense beard care & conditioning oil — a barbershop in a bottle, so to speak. And a simple, effective regimen to keep your whiskers in line — and out of the crosshairs of a grooming regimen gone AWOL. Especially for those of you who are “beard sophomores,” and relatively new to the beard scene.

Having been a part-time officer (weekend warrior) of rank in the National Guard and U.S Army Corps of Engineers for almost two decades, I can appreciate why your beard is a civilian badge of pride — commanding the admiration you deserve from all quarters.

While I can’t promise you eternity, a disciplined routine does work wonders for soft, manageable whiskers and smooth, healthy skin that stay the course.

So, gentlemen: ATTENTION! Here’s how to show your whiskers who’s in charge. Take the time to take care of yourself.


Unlike what those glorified brands (for metrosexuals, lumbersexuals and other mirror-carrying hipsters) want you to believe, modern beard grooming isn’t all about self-admiration. For down-to-earth dudes like you, self-expression and self-respect are reflected in your appearance.

To be the master of your beard, follow these simple marching orders:

  1. First thing every morning, towel-dry your face after showering or splashing warm water on it.
  2. A damp (but not wet) face opens the pores of your skin, allowing your whiskers to absorb the oil. Don’t overdo the H20, and you’ll avoid the eternal battle between water and oil.
  3. Put a few drops of beard oil on your fingertips, and apply them deep into your whiskers. It’s a wake-up call that makes your face want to say, “Good morning, Sir.”
  4. Less is more than enough. The longer the beard, the more oil you need. But a well-maintained beard usually requires just several drops (especially newer beards under one-half of an inch).

Who needs tough, tangled bristles and dry, irritated skin anyway? Or, for the beardless man, a five o’clock shadow that feels like midnight?

That’s why I created O Duffy’s Beard Oil — for independent-thinking guys like you. It contains just four organic and/or natural ingredients to keep chemicals, pesticides and other bad stuff out of your face. Choose from pleasant (but low-key) Mahogany, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, or Unscented.

Where can you get a larger, 2-ounce bottle of O Duffy’s that should last you a full month? Right here, brother.You even get FREE shipping on your first order.

Life is for living, and beards are for grooming — so take the O Duffy’s challenge and put some freedom on your face.

For questions and comments, or to share your beard story, contact Duffy at